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High Performance Computing (HPC) Cluster

The new Masdar Institute HPC Cluster opens new pathways to solve computationally complex research problems that are too large or would take too long f

Fish-Eye Camera Solar Assessment

This hand-held electronic tool assesses the available solar energy by day, month, and year with the press of a button by measuring the shading pattern

Scattering Characterization with Light Tec's Mini-Diff

Mini-Diff is a compact and portable optical system for scattering characterization. It measures the BRDF & BTDF of any kind of

Gunt ET-340

With ET 340 the operation and programming of a DDC for a heating and air conditioning system can be learned. Heating and air conditioning techno

Grid Sensors for Model Validation

As part of BTRL's UHI assessment initiative, ground weather stations will be deployed forming a wireless sensor network. Fifty ground stations will be

Stand-alone T/RH data loggers

We proceeded to install simple temperature/humidity measurement devices (HOBO) in the balcony of several downtown apartments. Based on the preliminary