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Masdar Solar Irradiometer Measurement Platform

The solar irradiometer measurement platform (SIMP) is located at 24.441812°N, 54.616753°E. The platform contains weather sensors at a height of 3 m from the ground and is a source for research grade local measurements of specialized and general met

Wind Tower

Rising 45 meters above the podium, the Masdar Institute Wind Tower is a modern interpretation of one of the region’s most iconic traditional architectural features and a landmark for the campus. The tower’s height means it can capture upper-level

Solar Cooling Plant

Solar thermal cooling involves harnessing energy from solar thermal collectors to produce chilled water or dehumidified air (geothermal resources are an alternative energy source). This technology drastically reduces electricity consumption by using

Masdar Field Station

The Masdar Institute Field Station is the main experimental facility of the BTRL. It is a stand-alone building with advanced cooling and day-lighting systems, among other remarkable features. It will soon be fitted with building-integrated photovolta