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ESM621 – Time Series Analysis, Modeling & Prediction

This course covers modeling and prediction of time series. The emphasis is on the time domain, although the frequency domain is also explored. The structure of the model depends on the physical knowledge of the process, as well as the form of the obs

ESM504 – System Dynamics for Business Policy

This course covers advanced concepts in system dynamics modeling for applications in business operations, strategy and policy. Students gain recognition of dynamic modes of behavior in complex systems and develop skills to represent this behavior in

ESM608 – Sustainable Development: Theory, Research and Policy

This course examines alternative conceptions and theoretical underpinnings of the notion of "sustainable development." It focuses on the sustainability problems of industrial countries (i.e., aging of populations, sustainable consumption, institution

SCI510 - Thermal Energy in Buildings

This course focuses on the technical and, to some extent, financial feasibility of energy efficiency in buildings. It examines the flow of energy in a building and the function of a building's envelope. The course also covers the building systems in

MEG623 - Estimation and Inference from Data and Models

This course presents a variety of inversion (or parameter estimation) and forecasting techniques. The advanced mathematical and statistical under­pinnings of each technique are developed.  The course combines theory with programming exercise

MEG513 - Solar Thermal Analysis, Design and Testing

Course develops advanced heat transfer topics applied to collec­tion, storage, conversion, and utilization solar thermal energy.  Solar position, shading, atmospheric attenuation and sky models are covered.  Optical properties of materi